Signs & wonder(ing)

After last week’s session with Michael Fischer on Instant Composition Conducting, the group of singers, musicians and dancers will give a performance tonight at TABULA RASA in Maarten Luther Kerk, joined by some other great improvisation musicians:

Evening starts at 20:00, we will perform around 21:00.

Wednesday 24th, 2012  – TABULA RASA @ Maarten Lutherkerk – Dintelstraat 134, Amsterdam-Zuid – Entrance free, donations welcome.

20:00 DUO Mayas – Altman

Laura Altman (AU): Clarinet
Magda Mayas(DE): piano


21:00 Connected for lift off – Signs & wonder(ing)

Genetic Choir:
Gabrielle Barros Martins
Yinske Silva
Marjolijn Roeleveld
Emiel Zonneveld
Hans Paape
Tanaquil Schuttel
Amazone Nativel
Thomas Johannsen
Peter Huber
Maaike van de Westhering, Tom Goldhand, Suzan Lemont: dance
José Rodrigues Gomes: recorders, bass dulcian

Laura Altman: clarinet

Christian Ferlaino: alto sax

Felicity Provan: trumpet

Jori van Cranenburgh: violin
Noortje Kohne: violin
James Hewitt: violin
Guillermo Celano: guitar
Harald Austbo: cello
Marko Bonarius: double bass
Jeen Raabs: guitar
Magda Mayas: piano
Kiriakos Spirou: tablet-synthesizer
Robert van Heumen: laptop, controllers
Marcos Baggiani: drums
Michael Fischer: instant composition conducting
This is the first and only encounter of this group of artists gathered, searching for unheard and unseen connections, enriching and uplifting textures, the depth and the wideness, the music is based on free improvisation, hand-signs will organize the performance. Everything emerges out of the moment, even most of us will meet the others the first time ever at MLK this evening. Wish you were here joining us at the unexpected, enjoying this moment in time.
Venue: MLK – Maarten Luther Kerk, Dintelstraat 134, Amsterdam-Zuid /

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