8 november and 20 december – Shadow Carpet

Makiko Ito and Marije Nie make an investigation into the world of moving shadows, using active lighting with flashlights. We want to investigate how simple light and shadows can work as spacial and hieroglyphic moving elements in improvisation, by influencing and creating perspective, direction, size, mood, multiplicity, dynamics and so on. Working with simple heavy duty flashlights we can also create low-tech images, shifting landscapes and depth.

Anyone who is interested to light and be lighted can join these sessions.

What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)

Shadows. Flattened to two colourless dimensions and fluid form. Multiplied by light, moved by light.
In black and white 2D both humans, instruments and objects loose their object-ive stability and become subjective, mixable, elastic, doubled, fragmented… and unified.. A fascinating aspect of shadows is that it shows the gaze of the be-lighter through the negative image. It invites lively games between be-lighter and be-lighted.

picture Nellie de Boer

9 thoughts on “8 november and 20 december – Shadow Carpet

  1. hi makiko and marije,

    great theme, as it widens the issue of combining light with performers who manipulate that light in performance. For improvisation it is good to train the attention for visuals and how to incorporate that attention while performing in your own discipline… Looking forward to it!
    I can join on the 8th, next week. 20th of december I will not be able to come, however.


  2. Dear Marije en Makiko!
    Nice I wanna join. Next week Im not sure if I make it but the 20th of december I will be there.
    Greetings Maaike

  3. he marije en makiko,
    great! this thursday is maybe a problem to join: have to leave at 14.30u…but the 20th is in my agenda!
    what time are you starting?

  4. Shadow Carpet today was really interesting and fruitful. We’ll try to write about what we worked with (nice w’s in that sentence!). Looking forward to continuing this research with you all on 20th December!

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