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Interlocking Principles and Common Ground

Thursday 13 September / Thursday 20 September 2012

Time: 13:30 doors open – build up / warm up  –  14:00-17:00 sesssion

Starting off the season this year is a closer look at the interlocking Ketjak rhythms as a binding element for instant composition pieces.

We are interested to research two aspects more:

1. the way the ketjak rhythms form an undercurrent and fertile ground for other things to happen on top of and through it (solo’s, duet’s…). How does the group react/relate when that is happening? What sort of overall dramaturgy does this create for a longer piece?
2. the way the principle of ‘interlocking’ can be used for other improvisation material. To explain: the ketjak is in fact one simple rhythm that interlocks with up to eight ‘copies’ of itself, shifted in time. How could this be translated to the on-the-spot development of choreography or theatre? E.g.: replicated dance phrases that interlock, pieces of monologue that are copied/repeated/shifted.

Please comment on this post to announce that you want to be part of these sessions.  Any questions? Ask!

Marije Nie
Thomas Johannsen

About marije nie

professional tapdancer, improvisor, concert designer, producer and concept developer. Especially interested in interdisciplinary and interactive arts, instant composition and improvising within structures. But really I'm just a tap dancer...


3 thoughts on “Interlocking Principles and Common Ground

  1. Great! I’ll be there 🙂

    Posted by Léon | September 6, 2012, 19:26


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