Interlocking Principles and Common Ground

Thursday 13 September / Thursday 20 September 2012

Time: 13:30 doors open – build up / warm up  –  14:00-17:00 sesssion

Starting off the season this year is a closer look at the interlocking Ketjak rhythms as a binding element for instant composition pieces.

We are interested to research two aspects more:

1. the way the ketjak rhythms form an undercurrent and fertile ground for other things to happen on top of and through it (solo’s, duet’s…). How does the group react/relate when that is happening? What sort of overall dramaturgy does this create for a longer piece?
2. the way the principle of ‘interlocking’ can be used for other improvisation material. To explain: the ketjak is in fact one simple rhythm that interlocks with up to eight ‘copies’ of itself, shifted in time. How could this be translated to the on-the-spot development of choreography or theatre? E.g.: replicated dance phrases that interlock, pieces of monologue that are copied/repeated/shifted.

Please comment on this post to announce that you want to be part of these sessions.  Any questions? Ask!

Marije Nie
Thomas Johannsen

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