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A new round of Carpet Sessions starts March 22nd: Interlocking again! (Kecak)

Next week we start up a new round of carpet sessions.
Starting with a kecak session by me (Marije Nie), then The Five Rhythms by Leon Beckx and Passing Through by Maaike vd Westering

Starting with a basic kecak, where new people can join in and learn the form and we get deeper into the rhythms and basic movements as a group. Then we blend in more improvisations, both in group and individual using any disicpline and technique that people bring in, song/movements/texts/instruments/etc. From there we move into group improvisations with kecak form is the underlying structure, but going in and out of it, working with tensions like expansion/contraction, rhythm/no-rhythm, individuals/group, story (or theater)/music, and so on.

Please comment on this post if you are certain to come!
Thnx and hope to see some of you next week.

About marije nie

professional tapdancer, improvisor, concert designer, producer and concept developer. Especially interested in interdisciplinary and interactive arts, instant composition and improvising within structures. But really I'm just a tap dancer...


One thought on “A new round of Carpet Sessions starts March 22nd: Interlocking again! (Kecak)

  1. Such a pitty just now since we are starting again I can not make it, I’m rehearsing whole day. Have fun. Greetings Maaike

    Posted by maaike | March 16, 2012, 13:30

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